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“Twelve Fourty Five”

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Twelve Fourty Five” – Victoira Clock Tower Christchurch  Not For Sale



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My Eternal Rose

“My Eternal Rose”
Acrylic Mixed Media on Canvas
110mm x 300mm x 40mm


Beneath the Surface – For Sale

Beneath the surface

Beneath the surface

Title : “Beneath the Surface”
NZ Artist : Donna Steel
Medium : Acrylic Mixed Media
Artwork Size : 380mm x 380mm$245.00This artwork can be viewed and purchased atCafe’ MintWariakei RoadChCh

Artwork Ready to Hang
All artwork sold comes with a receipt and Certificate of Authenticity.

Inspiration – This artwork is based on New Zealands diverse Landscape with it’s rolling hills, mountains, rivers, and the beautiful harakekes which seem to pop up everywhere !!

This artwork is full of lots of unique textures and colours, such as my signature 2d technique used for the stones and Harakekes, (stones are handmade by myself & resin is used to portray the rivers!!
This artwork is something very special !